My name is Sophia Lopez and I am an aspiring writer. I am currently writing my first fictional book that I hope to complete and publish in the next few months. I have always been the type of person that has taken my past experiences, good or bad, and have used them as learning lessons to move forward with life. I’ve used my bad experiences as motivation to do what I have to do to never go through those moments again in life. Either in my life or the life of my husband and children. I basically always lived by the motto, “OK, it happened, now suck it up, get over it and move on.” And I would bury the experience in my emotional basement, never thinking about it again but always being sure I would never live through it again. This is what I thought strength was. To be able to pick yourself up day in and day out and keep going no matter what. Some experiences I have buried in that emotional basement are family depression, financial burden, neglect, molestation and disappointment.

However, as I continued to grow as a person, I realized that I was not really burying anything. What I was doing was trapping it all in the pit of my soul and using it as fuel for my adrenaline to live and work as hard as I can out of fear of falling into these traps again. And this process then developed into high anxiety and stress. Next thing I knew, I spiraled into a world where I was always anxious and stressed. It was the only way I could function to supposedly, “get things done.” So, I continued to live in this high adrenaline, high anxiety and high stress manor until one day I hit a wall where I was causing physical harm to myself.

Having realized that I can no longer live like this because it is not healthy for me or my family, I decided to start working on a change. I began following the Laws of Attraction, meditating and aligning my spirituality with God and the Universe. Is it working? I don’t know yet because it is still a work in progress. Anxiety and stress were like a drug to me and I am trying to put my soul through withdrawal.

However, during this process, I have decided to be more aware of the inspirations that God and the Universe present in my life on a daily basis and apply them to my spiritual journey and my past experiences. I have realized that I don’t need to bury those experiences in the emotional basement and forget about them, but that I do have to let go of them. And believe it or not, God and the Universe give us signs on how to do this. Be it through a dream that brought on a certain inspirational emotion, or memorable experience with loved ones or simply a nature scene that brought on the feeling of warmth and comfort. The signs are all there.

Through this blog I hope to be able to describe these signs through my reflection and experiences in hopes that someone out there can relate and apply it to their own life. In this age where the world moves at 100 miles per hour, I believe it is important as a community that we work towards this inner peace within ourselves. That we don’t forget the past but that we let go and use the powers that God and the Universe have given us to help each other. I know money makes the world go round. Trust me, I am working towards manifesting my own abundance as well. But wouldn’t it be amazing if we can manifest this abundance happily and that happiness is reflected unto the world? I know that I want to get to this point one day.

I hope this blog helps you as much as it has helped me to write it. As you read and follow this blog, I wish you peace, abundance and true joy in this one life that we have been given the privilege to live. Wake up each day and say to yourself, “Thank you God for giving me one more day.”